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Manzanita Farmers Market

Manzanita farmers market

Every Friday, May 27th-October 7th, once the clock strikes four, the office of Manzanita Beach Getaway Vacation Rentals fills with the calling rhythm of hypnotic drum beats, and the Manzanita Farmers Market is finally open! For the next three hours, you can submerge yourself with fresh local foods that will please every taste bud.

If you find yourself wondering, why are these people so excited about a farmer’s market? Well, here’s why…

  • It’s a chance to support LOCAL businesses, farms, restaurants, and bakeries.
  • Local food is better for you! From farm to table means less depletion of sacred nutrients!
  • Organically grown means no GMO’s!
  • Products are pleasantly affordable.
  • To die for fruits and vegetables, fresh meats, local cheese, and bread.
  • Local art on display for purchase
  • It’s an opportunity to visit a local non-profit
  • Buy homemade beauty products!
  • Get your favorite knives sharpened.
  • Enjoy LIVE MUSIC, face painting, and MORE!

Help support our local families by supporting our farmers today! The impact you make at farmer’s markets helps ensure that there will be farms in your community tomorrow. The core of farmer’s markets is the community gathering together.

Manzanita Farmers Market – Food Vendor 

Mike’s Mac and Sanny Shack 

Manzanita Farmers Market – Underhill Plaza, 635 Manzanita Ave., Manzanita 
Get your fill on delicious sandwiches and mac and cheese from Mike’s Mac and Sanny Shack at the Manzanita Farmers Market. Try out the Buffalo Chicken Sammy or a Philly Grilled Cheese Sammy made with homemade bread. You can find Mike’s Mac and Sanny Shack at the Manzanita Farmers Markets on Fridays from 4 PM – 7 PM.