Driving Directions

Driving directions from Portland International Airport Via Hwy 26:
Start out going northwest on NE Airport Way.
Take NE Airport Way toward Departures/Ticketing/Check-In/Valet Parking.
Keep left at the fork to continue on NE Airport Way.
Merge onto I-205 S/Veterans Memorial Fwy S/E Portland Fwy S toward I-84/Portland/Salem.
Merge onto I-84 W/US-30 W via EXIT 21B toward Portland.
Merge onto I-5 S/Pacific Highway 101 S via the exit on the left toward Salem.
Merge onto I-405 N via the exit on the left toward US-26/Beaverton.
Merge onto US-26 W via EXIT 1D toward Ocean Beaches/Beaverton.
Merge onto US-101 S via the exit on the left toward CANNON BEACH/Tillamook.
Turn right onto Laneda Ave.
Laneda Ave is just past Manzanita Ave
532 LANEDA AVE is on the left.