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Bonfire Safety

July 3, 2019

On a clear summer evening, the beach is speckled with bonfires both large and small. Beach Bonfires are a tradition here, and a great way to enjoy the beach even after the sun goes down. Sitting around a bonfire with family and friends is a fun pastime. When we roast marshmallows and spend time with friends, it’s easy to forget about the risk factors involved with outdoor fires.
Here are some safety guidelines to follow before the first match is lit.


How to pick your campfire spot

  • Choose and open, level location away from heavy fuels such as logs, brush or decaying leaves.
  • Take the wind, and its direction into account

How to prepare your campfire pit

  • Clear a 10-foot-diameter area around the site.
  • Dig a pit, about a foot deep.
  • Circle the out with rocks.

How to build your campfire

  • Secure a source of water, a bucket and a shovel nearby at all times.
  • Gather small twigs, kindling and larger pieces of wood.
  • Ignite twigs and slowly add kindling as the fire grows.
  • Once your fire has started to burn, add a larger piece of wood

How to maintain and extinguish your fire

  • Add large pieces of wood to keep the fire going.
  • Keep the fire to a manageable size.
  • If possible, allow wood to burn completely to ash.
  • Pour lots of water on the fires. Drown ALL embers, not just the red ones. Pour until hissing sound stops.
  • Continue to add water or sand while stirring with a shovel until all materials is cool.

Remember: If it’s too hot to touch, it’s too hot to leave!