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Manzanita Beach Dog Tips

May 21, 2019

10 Tips to a Successful Beach Day with Your Fury Companions!

Manzanita is known for so many unique things that its very hard to pinpoint exactly what makes it so special- If you have stayed in Manzanita, you know what I’m talking about! Manzanita has its own sparkle, even when the sun is covered by layers of grey clouds and more times than not, giant raindrops, Manzanita is still shining through it all. Rain or shine the beautiful sandy beach is still covered with people and their furry companions. Manzanita is a very dog-friendly city, from the multiple “poop stations” around the city to the water bowls at various stores, we love our pups!

Taking a spin on the city’s name, hundreds of dog lovers will gather in Manzanita Oregon Saturday, September 7, 2019 for the 11th Annual Muttzanita festival. The day is packed with dog & human related contests and hilarious activities, demonstrations, gourmet dog biscuits, numerous vendor booths, an animal costume contest and pet parade down main street on Saturday morning. The day’s events come to a close at 3:00 pm. The festival welcomes well-behaved dogs and cats of all sizes and shapes (and their humans) who are at least 6 months old and are on a short leash. Please call Four Paws at 503-368-3436 for more information.

 Manzanita Beach Getaway is proud to offer pet friendly rentals that are perfectly designed to suit the needs of your furry companions. With summer right around the corner, we wanted to give you some pointers to keep the vacation going with your companion right by your side.

1. Protect their paw pads!

With the warmer summer temperatures comes with warmer sand temps! Just like the asphalt, test it before you go.

2.  Find out if your dog likes to swim.

Not all dogs like to swim, and that’s OK!

3. Consider a life vest for your dog.

If you’re wearing one, why shouldn’t your pet?

4. Provide some shade.

Humans and dogs alike need occasional breaks from the sun. Dogs can become over heated very quickly.

5. Pack PLENTY of water in the cooler.

Fresh water is always essential. A light weight collapsible bowl will make your beach day a lot smoother.

6. Bring a leash!

Even if you feel comfortable with your pet being off a leash, doesn’t mean everyone else may feel the same way.

7. Pick up your pooches’ poop!

Manzanita offers MANY poop bag stations. Bring your own, or grab a few before heading down to the shoreline.

8. Handling the sand-covered face.

I suggest using microfiber towel moistened with clean water to wipe away the annoyance.

9. Avoid hidden dangers in the water.

No, I don’t mean sharks.  A small piece of broken shell may cause more damage than one can imagine.

10. Don’t forget the toys!

Frisbees and toys that float are good choices for the beach.

Photo Credit: oregonlens

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